The CMA Primary Program is a foundation program where kids learn to use the two-hand Abacus method.

CMA Primary Program (4.5 – 13 years old)

The CMA Primary Program consists of 2 progressive levels:

  • CMA Foundation level: Students are taught how to apply formulas when using the abacus to do Addition and Subtraction.
  • CMA Advanced level: Students are trained to do mental math calculation. That is, they visualise an abacus in their mind to perform more complex calculations. They are also taught to do Multiplication, Division and Decimals.

Objectives of the CMA Primary program
  • Students learn to use the Abacus.
  • Students learn to apply 34 sets of formulas when using the Abacus.
  • At the foundation level, students learn to do calculations such as Addition and Subtraction with an Abacus.
  • At the advanced level, students learn to do all types of calculations (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Decimals) with an Abacus and also using Mental Math.