The CMA Kindy Program provides a solid foundation for kids to learn the concept of Numbers at an early age.

CMA Kindy Program (3 – 4.5 years old)

The CMA Kindy Program is a fast-track program for young kids to join the CMA Primary program.

The CMA Kindy Program uses songs, games and dance to build student confidence and make learning Numbers fun and easy.

Our CMA Kindy teachers are trained to create a stress-free environment that encourages kids to participate actively and feel a sense of achievement.

Objectives of the CMA Kindy program
  • Students learn the concept of Numbers.
  • Students learn to read and write Numbers.
  • Students learn to remember numbers using memory techniques such as image association.
  • Students develop motor skills to manipulate the Abacus beads correctly.
  • Students memorise the multiplication tables and basic mental math formulas.