Here are the answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions by parents about the CMA program.

How does learning Mental Math help in school math?

To do well in school math, it is important to develop the ability to calculate.  
Kids who have undergone mental math training possess a good grasp of math concepts and calculation.  Consequently, they are more efficient in solving math problems.

Why should we learn abacus and mental math when calculators are available?

Using calculators does not require any mental process.  However, learning abacus and mental math at a young age generates massive and coordinated activities between the Left brain and Right brain of a child which is instrumental in total brain development.

Can CMA abacus and mental math training improve a student’s exam grade in school?

Yes, absolutely! Our CMA students are generally top of their class in math. CMA programs improve a student’s calculation skills, concentration, memory and mental endurance – essential quality to do well in exams.

When is the best age to start learning mental math?

Based on our experience, kids can start learning mental math from 3 years old onwards.

How is CMA different from other abacus and mental math schools?

All abacus schools use the traditional one-hand method to manipulate the abacus.

CMA is the only abacus and mental math school that teaches the two-hand method which is faster and more accurate.

Moreover, CMA’s unique two-hand method stimulates and trains both the left and right brain leading to total brain development.