Master Tai Chiang Ching is the inventor and founder of CMA. A math genius from Taiwan, he could attain an exceptionally advanced level in Abacus and Mental Math at a young age.

Master Tai devoted his whole career to the study of Abacus and Mental Math. In 1991, he was awarded the World’s Best Mental Arithmetic Trainer for his contribution and promotion of Abacus and Mental Math. In 1992, he invented the two-hand abacus method which is faster and more accurate than the traditional one-hand method.

Unlike the one-hand method that mainly uses the Left Brain, the two-hand abacus method uses both the Right brain and the Left brain, leading to Total Brain Development. The benefits are numerous:

  • Students can calculate better
  • Students can respond faster
  • Students develop a photographic memory
  • Students can focus better


During the past 30 years, Master Tai has published over 200 books and several videos to master Abacus and Mental Math.