CMA Mental Arithmetic is an Abacus school that trains 3-13 years old kids to use Mental Math to do calculation in a fast, fun and easy way. The CMA program focuses on Total Brain Development.

Benefits of CMA

  • CMA develops mental math ability.
  • CMA enhances memory.
  • CMA boosts creativity.
  • CMA increases concentration.

Founded in 1984 by Master Tai Chiang Ching from Taiwan, today CMA is present in 18 countries across 4 continents. Thanks to its unique and proven teaching method, CMA has been instrumental in Creating Great Minds among thousands of children across the globe.

CMA promotes total brain development through mental math in a fun way. Besides classroom learning, students also have access to an online learning platform for further practice.

CMA uses interactive multimedia technology to make learning math fun and easy for kids at a very young age.  The CMA curriculum is structured in a logical way so that kids can improve their math skills step by step.

CMA Thailand sends students for the international Abacus and Mental Maths competition every year in Singapore. Besides winning numerous awards, our students have also gained invaluable experience from these events.